Sister Study Breast Cancer Research

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Sister Study Breast Cancer Research




Hello, just want to take a moment and tell each person THANK YOU, THANK YOU that helped, they reached their goal and have 50,000 women for the study. This page will remain up, you can still click on the link and get the lastest info, from the research. God bless.



Sister Study is research for sister's; one sister has had or has breast cancer.


What is it all about?  They are doing research on women; that are family sisters that one or the other has breast cancer or had. What do they do? It is research geared to your environment, diet, life style, genetics. They are looking for links to define breast cancer in families; genetic, environment.


It does not cost anything and; if you meet the qualifications they need you.

 They send you forms to fill out; do an interview over the telephone; draw blood for labs; a home physical that is not extensive:height, weight, vitals, questions about your diet; collect samples from you taken from your home:dust, fibers, etc. But I am not the expert here; they are......I am just introducing them........and giving them an offering of a full I truly believe this is a worthy cause............let's help stamp out breast cancer.....if you are a sister of a survivior or  have a sister that has breast cancer this is a way for you to help all the family sister's in the world. So please go to their web site; read all about it or call.You would be blessing alot of women and their lives, and later..........just maybe we can save someone's life.............God Bless


What do they need?  They have one more year to reach a goal of 50,000 women. You can help by telling everyone you know about the study. It is especially important to encourage under-represented women, including those over 65,American Indians, African Americans, Latinas, and Asian women to join the study. One of their most successful methods for recruiting sisters for the study is friends telling friends and sisters telling sisters. Please call.......








                         The Sister Study

                         1009 Slater Road

                              Suite 120

                        Durham, NC 27703




  National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Partner Organizations: American Cancer Society; ICC (Intercultural Cancer Council); Sister Network Inc.;

NCMHD (National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities);

Susan G. Komen for the Cure; Y-Me National Breast Cancer Organization            



How important is it???? Very important.............let me give you and example: My Mother had breast cancer; my aunt; the woman my grandmother raised with my mother; my sister; my daughter.............yeah it is important ...not just for my family..........YOURS........too.


This page is for all our hero's that have battled breast cancer.

In memory of my Mother; a 35 year breast cancer survivor.

Miss you Mom.....




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