Tips for Your Wedding........

Well now it is time for the wedding. So here are some suggestions.

Biggest suggestion I have after doing several weddings is........KEEP IT SIMPLE.....

The most important thing is you and him, love and your futures together.

Small Home like weddings are just as nice as large one's and I think more romantic.....

OK, so tight budget, every one is these days, can't afford a fairy tale wedding, don't worry about still can have a beautiful wedding.

So consider this.......

  1. Everything that you can do your selves, do it your selves.

    a. invitations

    b. flowers

    c. bridal flowers

    d. refreshments

    e. veils ( if you want to use just a piece of material or scarf, just pin it in your hair, if you want it simple)

    f. decorations (do you have any inventive friends? Balloons tied on a small outdoor arch are beautiful and you can buy the helium at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, Party Supply, Michaels in a throw away tank. Read the box to see how many balloons can be filled. The small arches are not wide so you can take flower runners or swags and combine them with wedding net(veil material) you can also put lights in them.(use battery unless you have a generator or access to electricity. You can computer generate some hanging decorations. The new flame less candles are great for outside and inside churches that do not allow live flames. Use a transparent colored glass and glass rocks and nest light in the middle. For paper sacks along the aisle you can also place the flame less candles in them, but make sure you put some weight in the bottom of the bag, no need to worry about fires or wind.)

  2. Make some one in charge to help you, a go getter, a mover and shaker you can depend on usually mothers, grandmothers, want to help, hold them accountable and if they offer suggestions, and they are not your taste just say thank you, I like your idea but it is not my taste and ________ and I want this for OUR wedding.

  3. Get a notebook and write everything down, your plans lists, phone numbers, vendors everything. If you are using a business that caters to weddings, some are booked a year in advance, get everything in writing and make sure they include if person assigned cannot show up, that they have a sub that can be available in a short amount of time. Confirm, confirm several times time and dates with companies.

  4. Weddings, by rivers, lakes, back yards, country in homes are beautiful, and I think more romantic. You will need; chairs, tables, sound system; they can be rented. Make sure you have electric power access outside or everything will have to be battery operated.

  5. Include the groom, they may not want to do the lace and ribbons, but can help in choice of colors and you do not have to have two colors you can have several (rainbow weddings). My youngest daughters was Wine, Navy Blue, Forrest Green and White. He can pick the tux or suits. He can get the stuff for the electronics. Help with the invitations. Anything to do with machines they like, but write it down for you and him, for some reason guys short term memories are sidetracked easily.

  6. Who is going to clean up? Fun to decorate but someone must clean up.

  7. Who is in charge of the cake, guest book, drinks, etc. have a sub for a stand by.

  8. Always have a plan b, things happen, don't let it get you down, it will still be a wedding.

  9. Keep it simple, beautiful and a little less stress.

  10. Remember bride and groom; when you are up there exchanging vows in front of all those people; you are not alone, the pastor, officiate is with you.

  11. Just remember most important thing is.....YOU and HIM........