We are gathered together; this day; to unite this man and woman;in holy matrimony...........What is marriage??

Marriage is a sacred ceremony called; Holy Matrimony. If you look at it in this way you can gain understanding of marriage. Marriage was created by God for a reason. It may be your; "once upon a time" or your "happily ever after" but it takes a lot of work. Marriage is love, joy, laughter, anger,tears,pain,forgiveness, not quitting or giving up, pulling back,retreating,sacrificing,heartache,poverty,richness,sickness,health,children,bills,budgets,life,resisting temptations,two cultures,emotions,spirit,soul,breath,peace,bliss,agreeing even when you disagree,stress,heartbeat,faith,hope,teamwork,a job, hard work,commitment, past history, a man and woman, a life, a lifetime, sometimes includes death, respect, jealousy at times, anger at times, faults, two people that are not perfect, habits of two people, debts and can be filled with wonder, and sometimes a lot of pain, and hatred. You both will probably experience most of these things in your marriage. Marriage is also life, and living and a whole lot of love. Marriage is really more like a rose-you have the beauty of the flower, the magnificence of its beauty and you love it but it also has thorns. Happily ever after can be, but it takes a lot of hard work. You will experience every emotion you have never thought about some good, some bad and a lot of different life events, and yes there will be love and sometimes there won't be love, but remember even as a roses beauty fades so does the first years of marriage, after the euphoria of love loses it's luster (or the newness of love wears off) the thrill, comes the rest of your marriage. Marriage is a stage of different life events. Some of these events may try to kill your marriage, this is when you have to work on your marriage. Sometimes you will give and sometimes you will receive. Sometimes one of you will have to make a sacrifice. There will always be someone leading and someone directing the marriage or the head of the household, but it has to be the right kind of leading and directing if it is not than the other spouse can lead and direct in the right pathways of life. Two people together support each other, and help each other. When one falls down the other must pick them up, teamwork. Jesus Christ loved His bride(church) so much so that He died for her. He willingly gave up His life for her. A man's emotions are really different than a woman's. You both must realize this and respect each other. These emotions by themselves, the man's and the woman's are incomplete but when combined together it becomes one. This is why a man and a woman are different. The two shall become one. Oneness is everything, how you think together, work and family. Ask Jesus into your marriage before you start, continously going to Him during and through all of it....He will lead and guide you. God Bless.