Christian Wedding Procession

Prelude: Music (while people are being seated & wedding procession)

Ushers: Escorting people to seats

(Bride's family on left; Grooms on right)

The officiant: groom and best man will wait at the altar.

Finally, the bride will make her grand entrance and walk to the left of her escort as she makes her way down the aisle.

****************Now the ceremony***************************

*************The Recession(after the ceremony is over)*******************

after the ceremony is over and you've kissed and been announced husband and wife, it's time to go celebrate. The recession goes as follows:

The Christian recession:

  • The bride and groom will walk down the aisle first.

            • Followed by the flower girl and ring bearer (this is optional).
            • Maid of honor and best man will follow next.
            • Followed by the bridesmaids and the groomsmen walking down in pairs.
            • The parents will then follow the wedding party.