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The Arts/Crafts Center & Gift Shop are part of a vision God placed in my spirit and heart. It is to help spread the gospel, encourage even strangers to read the Bible, a witness. It is also to help people get a fresh start in life, and a hand back up, by learning a skill.  All proceeds go toward training and assisting people with new job skills in arts/crafts,job skills, building the Church, Center of Peace/Retreat,Arts & Crafts Center/Gift Shop;"Blessing Box Cottage," and Missions; to help the poor, widows, sick, homeless, etc...A family community center.

At The Name of Jesus, every Knee Must Bow.................

Spirit Walker Ministry's; mission? To serve; refresh, rebuild, restore-to heal.

There are all kinds of sickness, diseases and prisons...........................

To Teach, Minister to,Witness; lead to Jesus Christ......................

....God Bless





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