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New Art


Statement of purpose:  The art on this web site is done by multiple artists.  This is a Christ centered web site; and family orientated; any art promoted will not contain hate, foul words,sexual content, racism or politicial statements against the government of the United States, or the laws of the United States.  Different artists, with different tastes and backgrounds submit art to be promoted, it is to encourage as in a mentoring program and to promote the education of art; all art is screened and approved before posting. So enjoy and remember it is copyrighted.






Mock Pear Tree in bloom

Train Tunnel Building


"Bear in Flower Bed"


Old Time Coffee Shop

Clowns in a Swing

Pink Roses

Red Tulip

Angel in Flowerbed

Ivy Leaf Red Pop Art

Gal of Many Hats

Daisy Blue Center Pop Art

Train Tunnel

Train Tunnel Side of Building

Train Tracks

Clouds and Tree Tops

American Indian Headdress

Tulip Yellow

Bride & Groom"Wedding"

Pop Art Daisy White



American Indian Headdress(black background)

Tulips Red with Birds Pop Art

Spring Flower; Daff.

Red Rose Bud

Amy's Maple Leaves

Pink Rose Bud