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Un-Rocking Chair"Grandma & Grandpa"




Calvary Chapel (radio)

Christian Music & Programs from all Calvary Chapel's



Purchase "Rounders" music at Calvary Store


 Smooth Jazz, 94.7 The Wave

 Swing hours Sat & Sun 6-9AM

 Jazz & Blues

 Swing Years Sat 1-5

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  1960s the Hippies

Story Teller...make a recording for your grandkids

Grandparents.com (nice site activies for you and grandkids)



What will be on this page, I will try to update you on changes; in different functions of your life; you can be aware of life choices and functions.......maybe, just maybe if we stay informed, we can overcome anything.


Your Mind....Your Body(click)




 Chair Workout-Overweight and Obese



Any one keep up with medicare, anything new or changes, please e-mail me. Doctors, RN's, LPN's, Nurse Aides, Social Workers, Home Health, Hospitals.....let me hear from you on ideas......

Tips and Tricks for care(click)


 How to help take charge of your care(click)

 Safety Tips for the Home

Eliminate hazards; such as poor lighting, throw rugs and clutter.

Add safety modifications such as grab bars, non-slip mats (on stairways and steps also; non skid strips) Reflective tape for light switches and door ways for vision impaired, door alarms,smoke alarms, bar handles for doors.

Take extra care in walking; take your time, and think ahead, especially in new or unfamiliar places.  When you rise from your chair, stand for a few seconds before walking.

Tell your healthcare providers if you've experienced a fall, or if your're having dizziness, balance or vision problems. The more they know, the more they can help you. Balance classes, physical therapy or occupational therapy can be prescribed, to help you walk more safely and to get up correctly to help you to learn how not to fall.

Good nutrition results in higher energy and remember calcium and vitamin D for stronger bones.  Remember also that drinking alcohol can increase your risk of falling.

Select sturdy, low heeled shoes with rubber soles for grip, and make sure they are fitted properly.

You might check into personal responce help systems, many can be bought from medical supply companies now, telephones that will call your neighbors for you if you need them, they have a button you can wear on a nicklace, or one for your wrist, when you push it , it will call your nieghbors, help, emergency help.

You might check into meals on wheels many are low cost, everyone puts their money in pot and the meal is paid for, most deliver one time daily, no weekends, or holidays, the meals are balanced and healthy, plus you donot have to cook a meal .

   SpinLife.com, LLC          



  Premier Bathrooms


   First Street  

 (daily activies equipment)                                                                                                              

       Drug Medication Site  

       Easy Comforts (Miles Kimball Company)        



Vermont Country Store  (just some fun)


SpinLife.com, LLC

Depression & Anxiety(click)

Grief Care (am I normal?)

Good Grief (click)

Teens & Young Adults (click)

Three Tree's (children & grandkids)


Social Security

Benefits Check Up

(national area agency on aging; many helps for med programs, housing, etc.)

 "The Cabinet"

 for other resources(click)


 Guide Dogs

 Emergency Call Equipment


Camping World