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Autobody Supply & Tools



 Salvage Direct

 Keystone aftermarket auto parts

 On Target (Auto Repair)

1313 So. Washington

Wichita, KS 67211


(why post this business??

They take pride in their work & they are honest.)


Decals & Acces.



Home Fix it Supply



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  "Old 45's, Cars We Drove"

  "Old 45's"

As the economy weakens there will likely be more consumers shopping for used cars.

If you are among them, here are a few things you should do before driving off the lot:

  • Ask to see a report on the car's history. This will detail whether the car has been stolen, flooded, totaled, in accidents or been involved in any recalls. If the dealer doesn't provide the report, you should get the car's vehicle identification number and check it yourself on a Web site such as www.carfax.com or www.autocheck.com.


  • Check out the dealership with the Better Business Bureau and the attorney general's office to see if any complaints have been filed against it.


  • Take the car on a test drive and have a licensed mechanic thoroughly inspect the vehicle.

Netflix, Inc. 

Classic & Antique Cars

& Motorcycles


Waxing......before you wax that car, motorcyle, check what it has in it;

the chemicals; some may not be compatiable with your;

vechicles finish.  Some silicone bases can cause future paint

jobs not to work properly. All provide warnings, so read them.



Custom Cars: by Avery's Bodyshop;

 Wichita, KS.


Chevelle 64; rebuilder




Custom Motorcycles;

 by Avery's Body Shop


1955 Crown Victoria

Don't slam the door; car,house.......why? It ruins the alignment and sooner or later, they will sag, or your car door may come open going around a corner........Don't prop open the trunk, deck lid, hatch back it will do the same thing.

A repair man's nightmare, the what you call it, the gizzomo, the dumaflotie, the whirring noise, the sweak, the speed-0-meter, the foot flop, well it kinda went kur plump............

NO SPOTS: For a black car, whenever we would wash it, we would have to towel dry it or there would be terrible water spots. This time, we put a little Cascade Crystal Clear rinse that you use for the dishwasher in the bucket with the soap, and no spots!  I can't believe how well it worked. No more towel drying for us. —( Submitted by reader we have not tried it.) Makes alot of good sense though.


Cars & Stories about them...


1946; Plymouth, Business Coupe

Found in a field in 1982; purchased for 50.00, had orginal motor, gas heater,standard shift......Daughter at car show with car after it was restored.


1972 El Camino; owned by Mark of Wichita, Kansas

Grey with red flames, classic, shown in area car shows.



            Tip: If you get an insurance check for your car, home to be repaired...it will probably be a draft, and they take 5 to 10 days to clear in any bank, checking, savings accounts.

Settlements for estimates.......your insurance company will probably pay the value of your item, not what you bought it for. If you owe anything on a note.....it probably will still only pay the value, if there is any amount left on your note......you probably will have to pay that yourself, unless you have some other coverage, or signed up for other coverage.

Cell Telephones & Ipods


Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.          


 Toshiba - Toshibadirect.com




Clothing & Outdoor Gear



    MilitaryClothing.com T-Shirt Blowout Banner 120 x 90


Camping World


Food (Steaks)


OmahaSteaks.com, Inc.