"The Cabinet" Health

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"The Cabinet" Health


 Santos Ministries

; from a life of drugs,

a Doo Wop voice,

to being healed & delivered by

Jesus Christ.....


"Blessing Box Cottage," is a community of families, people. Health is a major concern for everyone. It is our hope that this page will be of assistance.  Over the years, after working in health care for more than 30 years, it has come to my attention that people have questions, so.....hopefully we can find what you are seeking answers to and share it, if you know of any good excellent medical sites with info, please e-mail them to us. SpiritWalker@blessingboxcottage.org 

We will do our best to provide what is out there, and some of the newest equipment for ADL's(activites of daily living). God Bless.

Sometimes the fear of the unknown causes fear......information helps.....than the battle begins.......meet it head on, and fight hard, but remember to just live one day at a time...........


Hypertension is relatively common and is marked by abnormally high blood-pressure readings. The first number is known as the systolic and is obtained as the heart pumps blood through the system. The second number, known as diastolic, is taken when the heart rests between beats. Readings of 140 systolic over 90 diastolic signal hypertension. New standards some readings are even below that.


Choose My Plate.gov

 alot of kid activites


 Healthy Diet & Lifestyle, Blog

  (Food Groups,

  Nutrition Before & During Pregnancy,

  Child Nutrition, Physical Activity)



 The Food and Nutrition Information Center)


   Nutritional Values For Common Foods And Products


 American Heart Association



Chewing the Fat......


FYI.......expired, outdated meds are dangerous and can change the chemistry of the med, pitch it......ask your pharmacy and doctors recommendations

You must follow the label on all meds, if the script says finish the bottle, than do it. Super bugs are invading us, some of it is caused from not finishing that antibotic taking all of it, than the bugs come back and sometimes they may be resistant to the med.


References for Health


  Health Line

 (lots of information on health; diseases, etc.)



 Cancer Therapy



(low prices)

 Skin Diseases

 (slide show how to identify skin diseases)

  Fore (osteoporsis)

 Fibro Center

 Fibro Hugs



 Endocrine Disruption


 Medication Information 



 Medication Glossary

 RX List(medication education)

 PDR Health

 Addiction, Heart Disease, and Stroke

  (excellent resource site)


Mediciation Assist Programs 



  Prescription Assist Program

(med programs across US to help & assist )

  Veterns Aide

 Elder Care

 Geriatric Care Manager

 Taking the Next Step

  (elder care)

 Social Security Estimator

 Central Plains Area Agency on Aging

( each state has their own chapter, the resources are excellent)

 Benefits Check Up

( by national area agency on aging, lots of info, helps on drug programs, housing and more, utilities)

Elder Law Attorney

AMA for patients


Grief Assist


 Good Grief of Kansas 

 Working Through Grief

 Grief & Children




   CVS Pharmacy online

   Breast Cancer (sleeves for arms)




  Emergency Call Equipment

Exercise For Health



  Chair Workout; Overweight & Obese Fitness


 Care Pages

(a blog site for families with

a family member that is ill)

 Basic Survival

Have a portable bag contain at least 72 hours' worth of items needed for basic survival.  Scan important papers and identification and have them on a Zip drive in each of the backpacks.

Captain Dave's Survival tips

 Let's get ready...emergency tips

  from Sesame Street for kids




 Life Extension

 (excellent site for defining diseases,conditions,lots of info,holistic approach)

  Health Grades (for hospitals & nursing homes)


  National Do Not Call Registry

Nothing, on this page is intended in any way to diagnose or treat any person; it is offered only as information, reference material and should only be treated as such. Always contact, make an appt. with your medical care professional for medical advice, treatment, diagnose. This page is for information purposes only......





Comfort Care Cards


" Comfort Care" Cards

 (free to print, in Adobe .pdf)

   Click (it is on our chapel site)

 RX medical card to carry info cards are on the same page; one wallet size, one  full size  card...

 Scripture Cards for Comfort Care or  Visitation (used by pastors, chaplains, etc.)

....free to print in Adobe .pdf

   Click for the page in our chapel

        Easy Comforts (Miles Kimball Company)    Miles Kimball Company

Puritan's Pride Logo 

   Smarthome, Inc.    


 Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


    Bedford Fair Lifestyles





(ramps for wheelchairs,etc)

 Take Care Clinic

 (for people laid off, or NO insurance)

 Sears Health Care Equipment