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Games at the bottom of the page to the right...............

Kids Activies; I use alot of printies for my dollhouses/villages,it is not just for girls but boys also. Hint when gluing furniture/items together, use a tooth pick to spread the glue or a cotton swab, place glue in a lid or cup or on paper sheet, you only need small amounts, you are making small objects..........

Jim's Dollhouse Pages,


2012-03-29  update.......



 Ben & Jerry's

 Berestein Bears

 Bob the Builder

 Chevron Cars

 Clifford the Red Dog


 Dr. Seuss

 Spot Fun


 National Geographic Kids

 Sesame Street

 Willie Wonka

  SpongeBob Squarepants 

Christian Kids Activites

I spent some time in this site; and would recommend it; but first kids always have your parents check it out first; there is alot of puzzles, mini movies on the Bible, arts and crafts, coloring, teaching for parents and kids, also area for home schooling,and games.


this one is good too......

Crayola Company

it also has a tour of a crayola company; arts and crafts, drawing,coloring...


PBS broadcast system for Kids. All your favorite friends; Clifford, The Dragons, Mr. Rogers; Parent & Teacher lessons helps, very fun site for the younger kids..

 PBS Kids

adopt your own virtual pet!



 Cartoon Cars




 Psalty.......Christian cartoons

Math & Homework helpsFree Math Software


  Push Picture;

you have multiple choice for answers just click on it, but you still have to do the math in your head...

  FUN MATH: (subtraction; div.; multi.; add)

  (It takes awhile to load, if does not load refresh your browser, it is in our website system not the game site)

Food Pyramid

interactive with alot of kid activities

This is really awesome, great tool to learn the history of the U.S., it is a animated atlas, with all the time lines. Have your speakers on, and be sure to read the instructions. The presentation takes 10 mins., but is worth it. At the bottom of the page is a paying expanded atlas, if you want more, the above is free........Spirit Walker


New..........Kids Almanac.......Lots of science; when the moon changes shape, what day of the month,puzzles,tempatures and a whole lot more.  


 adopt your own virtual pet!
adopt your own virtual pet!

Read the Bible, it is the greatest learning tool for life...........

Games....The Top Ones We Recommend.....The Bottom ones last 2 require supervision



Maxim Seaside Adventure

Sweet Tooth

Fly Plane    

The object is to keep the plane from crashing, use mouse right click to make it fly up. Collect as many red dotes as possible. Right click to flyup.


Mad Cow

You get rid of the mad cow's in the herd, they have funny outfits, etc. Mouse left click, each game gets a little faster.

  Match The Bugz         

  Mininitros Cars

    Virtual Cop