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*Sun Room*- Library (e-books)- Education


Updated 2014-03-26

This page will provide educational helps for; if you need to finish high school, ACT test helps, Colleges offering classess on line, Christian schools K-12, and much other helps as in software, and other sites.

 Santos Ministries

 from a life of drugs, a Doo Wop voice,

 to being healed & delivered by

 Jesus Christ.....



Home School Resources & Etc.


 Home Schooling Adventures On The Web

 School Express

 Home School Math

 First School

 Everything Homeschooling

 Connections Academy


  (virtual high school, diploma from your state)

  Kansas Connections Academy 

    (Kansas only) 

Help in obtaining

High School Diploma


Ged (gov. info site)




 World Time Zones


 Search:   for    

isabilities & Developmental delay

& Dyslexia & ADD


 Nadeau Educational Centers





Adobe Digital Book Reader (download to read books)......


    Classics free(classics,poetry)

     E Library (free books)

    Gutenberg Project

  Gutenberg 2nd Site

  Penn. University

  Goggle E-Books

  Creative Homemaking(recipes)



Free Items...of interest

 MIT Open Course Ware (college classes)some non credit, some free studies





Movie Rents & Books to Purchase





RDstore.com (Readers Digest) logo




 Fafsa site



Colleges on line.....


 Butler County Community College(2 year college)

 Northwest Arkansas Community College (2 year college)

 Arkansas State University (4 year programs & etc.)

  MIT Open Course

 (many free classes, great for study of ACT, learning , & some credit courses)

 Fort Hays State University (4 year programs & etc.)