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Blessing Box Cottage

Spirit Walker Ministry

Wichita, Kansas






 Privacy Statement

This ministry, gift shop, prayer site........does not harvest, people's; addressess, private information or any such activity.

The Businessess, Shops are independent and may require your name and address; for your orders, and other info. Billing is done through secure sites, but this ministry does not do any billing for such businessess, the respectative companies provide this.

You may request to be added to the ministry mailing list, by e-mail. For updates on this site, I usually send this out, when there is an update.

Cookies are usually added to your computer, this is for the purpose of pages showing all websites do.

When submitting a prayer request, you can use your screen name; God is absolute and know's whom you are and all about you. We just pray............

We have strived, to search and search again on each business site. We have removed some for standards that are not in the highest regard to Christianity principles. For God loves and does not promote hate........

We do not provide the statements or facts on any of the businessess listed; or wording.


God Bless.........

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The Links page provides for businesses, person's whom would like a link graphic.