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 Me & Bear Talking(push to listen)

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"Bear" dog in recording; rottie/lab mix


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My dog’s name is Bear, he is almost 9. I have taught him how to talk, he can say I love you and ma ma. We trained dual personality dogs for some time and problem dogs. Dual personality dogs are different than security dogs they work strickly on commands, as attack dogs. Bear is a mix of Rottie/Lab looks and sounds Rottie but from shoulders back looks lab. This truly is one of the smartest dogs I have worked with in a long time. He sneezes, sits up, shakes hands, waves bye bye, croons a tune, rolls over, plays dead, crawels to his dad, tells his sister how he loves her, when ask him whose your daddy he goes over and nudges him, he breaks up what he thinks may be fights he will stand between two people and just break up any disagreements………good thought to ponder…..dogs are as smart as there owners. To teach a dog to talk english, just say the word over in over as a dog would in barking and sooner or later the dog will pick it up or cat. Some trainers recommend obedience training at 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, I don’t soon as you bring them home, even puppies place a collar on them, and let them drag a small chain piece around attached to the collar several times a day, start with small commands sit, stay, lay down, start walking with them and donot let them pull you, if you have high powered dog this is bad news. When walking a dog they should always be on your outside toward street, not inside, this is protection from intruders when walking. Never ever forget animals are loaded guns, not toys, they are hunters, only tamed, but that can dimish at any time. If someone is in your yard, house that to them is intruder and they will protect their territory. Don’t leave any dog or cat around kids…..to them they are intruders any animal should be supervised around kids and guests. Also though a animals insides are much like ours, their diets require different foods. I limit the table scraps, they can get high cholestrol to, and diab. All domestic dogs will pack just like wolves in cities, they are cousins, only thing is these packs are not afraid of people so doubly dangerous. That dog/cat is man’s or woman’s best friend and they are faithful, but please don’t forget they are animals; hunter; predators.

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