Do it afraid..........pray before you go for the Holy Spirit to work through you, and again in church for Him to fill you, than just pray from the spirit and heart, He will cause the scripture to just pop up in your mind, spirit.
My problem when I am praying for someone with my hands on them , that they are praying out loud, it is very hard to focus, but when 2 or 3 are gathered to gather, what so ever we may ask shall come to pass because He is right there with us.
I also had a problem with public speaking, go figure, I am a minister; so the scripture He takes the foolish to confound the wise. I did my Dad and Mom's funeral it was difficult, I called Him, on the first one He blurred the audience so I could not see them, and stood in front of me, on the 2nd, I felt like I had been drilled by a drill sarge. He had my Dad say to me before he died, quietly,"Are you my daughter"; "Yes, Dad I am your daughter" again,"Are you my daughter( said louder); "Yes, Dad I am your daughter(I matched his loudness), the 3rd time he was yelling at the top of his lungs, as an army sarge." ARE YOU MY DAUGHTER?" I replied;"YES, DAD I AM YOUR DAUGHTER" than he yelled "GOOD, AND DON'T YOU EVER, EVER FORGET IT" You know I did not have a problem doing his funeral, I felt like both God my Father was with me and my Dad, at a time when I was telling people about his life, I faltered but the phrase popped in my head;"Are you my daughter" and I finished. Every time when I speak; I shall always pray first, and remember I am His daughter.
Ever since I was a child I have had a problem with public speaking, I know now it is the devil, trying to get me not to speak. So go for it, do it afraid, pretty soon, it will be old hat. I made a list of what would be the most terrible thing that would happen if I screwed up; people laughing at me; people not talking to me, etc. and you know what it doesn't matter, what matters is His love, just pray in love, the spirit, know human is perfect we all have faults........