View of Women--Biblical examples

In the beginning the Old Testament; the subordinate was started:(to paraphrase) "But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him" and further" a man shall be joined to his wife and they shall become one flesh"(as a team, with a leader),and than the fall of mankind "your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you."Genesis. Women are referred to as;"help meet" which implies by rendering of assistance or translated (sunergos) helpers, fellow workers; (Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary; pg. 301). An example of a subordinate position would be Esther as in King and Queen. The best example of them all is the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. It is noted also she was a Queen; the heart of her husband safely trusts her; so he will have no lack of gain, she does him good: she manages the home, provides food for her family and maid servants(as in servants) she buys land and manages it, and is a business woman, she coordinates the household while the husband(King) whose in the gate which means he had authority at work (a voice) and he sat among the elders so his job was of high standing (King Lemuel, the utterance which his mother taught him).

Woman warrior, the most notable one is Deborah whom was a prophetess and a wife and a judge. Prophets and Prophetess are commissioned by God, he appoints them and they are set aside for His purpose. Prophets were usually priest, judges and some were Kings. Deborah as being a warrior; the man whom was commissioned to go, Barak, said he would not go unless she went to, so the battle was delivered into her hand. It is not stated to the fact if Deborah was a priestess.

Wise Women or Prophetess are called by God. Any religious training at this time was done by their fathers and when they were married that obligation was passed on to the husband, it was the man's job to fully instruct the woman in all scripture, so as in my opinion it would depend on how much the husband wanted to teach, in those times there was know variance, they were to be taught the ways of God at home and they did attend temple services, but remained silent as they were not allowed to speak. To judge a prophet to be true; if their prophecies came true, they were a prophet; they were tested. Some prophets were natural; all wisdom,knowledge,intelligence, understanding placed in them by God; some were taught at learning facilities where available, and they usually mentored under another prophet. It is not noted if women were allowed in prophet schools; Queen's ruled and governed so I assume they had to have training to run a kingdom if know King was in existence.

As in being a warrior whenever the need arose; whenever they needed to be the help met, if God called, the man did not do it the women did. In those times they all knew how to do battle, to not know how could result in death; as in defending self, children. The father and later husband would teach them what they needed to know.

References; OT, King James Version and Halley's Bible Handbook; Bible Dictionary

These are some studies I am taking in college. I believe the virtuous woman has been mis-taught for years. Let's look at the facts; it was dictated by a Queen to her son a King, she was teaching him what to look for in a wife,what a wife should do, being a Queen she probably did everything written. Though it is taught on how to act like a women; some of the facts have been overlooked. She was a wife, mother, business woman, she owned land, she organized and ran a household, business, she had staff(servants), and charity helps, her husband being a King had to be in agreement or it would not be allowed. The term evenly yoked applies to this passage of scripture. In submission; means in agreement, a team, you have nothing to submit to unless there is a leader to submit to, or follow. God is first even in marriage; the man is held accountable as to how he leads the marriage, family. He is to love his wife as; Jesus, loved the church...did He not give everything for her? even His life so that we could be forgiven, the blood sacrifice; He is Lord. Today some churches are teaching men how to lead, be leaders. The correct kind of leaders; women do not have trouble submitting is the dictators; that are in error. Point to Jesus like that? Think not; He took care of the church, lead, taught, lived in her....loved her, had joy in her,redeemed, cherished her.

Also noted in a extensive study; some of the Kings were not wealthy, in fact some very poor. The dowry usually for a bride; included a servant given to her by her family. The Bible the times; involved Kingdoms not as government in United States.

Why do I not list the full context of the scripture? It is a good Bible get your Bible and read it and see if what I wrote is there.....