Religious View of Women.

Please remember; God inspired the Bible to be written and guidelines, doctrine, principles, law, and the commandment. This is a mini study not met to offend anyone or any faith views.....Just Bible history.....

The Jews and all faiths; placed women in a subordinate position, as it it written in the Old Testament (Genesis). The husband was considered his wife's master, and she often addressed him as a servant or subject would speak to a superior. A husband could divorce his wife, but she could not divorce him. Women were not allowed to inherit property from her husband or a daughter inherit from her father. Women were not allowed to speak in a meeting, instead if they had any questions they had to wait until they got home and ask. At this time the men were responsible for all spiritual training; the wife and children. The men were to love the wife as themselves. The women were to submit, the men were to submit to God.

In Hebrew history women did in fact hold meetings, if a Rabi was not present they were allowed to study outside the temples and prayer if know man was available. Understand that families lived miles and miles from the temples, so meetings were held in homes and they did a journey to the temples at various times of the year. They traveled by; foot, boat, camel, donkey so it could take several days to reach a temple of worship.

The Hebrews held to these beliefs and still do, as all religious views do. The Jews have also shown respect to women as being the mothers and many were prophetesses, wise women and some were deaconesses, and some were warriors. In one scripture that talks about a "virtuous woman"(Proverbs 31); the woman was a organizational manager, a land owner, and business woman, she also had staff or servants. The Jews today give credit to women for helping to deliver their nation.

Today religious based organizations have the same belief as the Hebrews did centuries ago; women are still held subordinate to their husband. Though there have been some strides; as women are allowed to teach in some religious organizations and some are pastors as ;Christ Jesus is the head of the church not mankind,He places men over churches as the Caretakers, the leaders; so it is not about the men ,though they are to be the leaders, it is about Jesus. When whomever God has called, does not obey, He uses the "help mets". The hen picking order still exists at times; though due to a shortage of male leaders the woman are used, today in religious organizations. Abuse is still also in existence in many religious organizations this is done by total control and fear tactics. Let us remember(Ephesians 5:23) Note also it is not just in foreign countries it still exists to some extent in the United States.

Women in Judaism; Exploring the Jewish Woman's Unique Potential ; by Leah Kohn

Leah Kohn is a very good author about the Biblicial history,what she teaches is very good.

She did not write the above article, I did in a class and just sharing some insight into; Old Testament, history.

Also information from web wiki...