When I was little you wiped my tears away,

When I was ill you cared for me,

When I was hungry you fed me,

When I was a teenager you took me to the beauty shop, or barber shop

When I was a teenager you helped me pick out my first dress clothes or suit

Though you grounded me a lot I now know you had your reasons,

You taught me how to drive, even though I know it scared you.

You taught me how to do all the adult tasks I needed to know.

You taught me not to be weak, but stand up on my two feet.

When I came to you as a adult and asked your permission to marry; you disagreed, now I know why.

When my spouse died, you came.

When I was broke you helped.

When I had kids you were there.

You took me to church, and look at me now.

You taught me the joy of music and the passion for books, learning.

When I dropped out of school, you encouraged me to get back in.

Each holiday a person had a gift.

When I was a wild child you prayed & had people pray for me.

Every event or holiday, there was always a card or gift or call.

When you told me things you wanted done before you left.

I pushed that thought away.

I always thought you would be here.

When you got sick, I came.

When you died, I rushed back.

I comforted all the family as best I could.

When I walked in your house, I felt you, the whole house was filled with you, of the changed you,

You were bright as a sheen of gold.

I felt you all around me, when I got ready to return home, your memory traveled with me.

Mom, I never realized it before but you were our rock; solid.

I will miss all the letters, cards, and calls.

Though some of your life journeys were tough;

you made it through.

I miss all the cards, the letters, the calls;

and though we disagreed on many things.

This I know, you were my Mom.

So Mom I want to say thank you for giving me birth.

I love you, Mom.....even though sometimes I know;

each of us hurt one another.....

You forgave and so did I.....

I know that you are not in my past but in my future,

when it is time for me to go home,

I am thankful you at the end came to know our Lord,

that you are saved,

and now in His presence.

Love you Mom and thank you for being my Mom.

Spirit Walker 2002