Take life one day at a time,

Live life one day at a time,

Make each day a master piece

and walk on; going forward.

Stand; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

Extend kindness where ever you go.

For you never know how far that kindness went.

You never know how far that smile will go.

You just don't know whose life you've touched;

By the every day things you've done each day.

Whose watching you today?

Don't look at what you don't have;

look at what you gave away.

Look at time floating away and

know it cannot be replaced.

So take your time; for today

may be part of your future on the way.

So go ahead be a sparklier today,

and sparkle here and there.

The glistening is there-just

reach into your spirit.

For His spirit is within us,

moving us where ever we go.

It may be a shout or whisper-----

So come on; let's go; get up and get

going for we don't know what the day holds;

but we do know that we will have a,

SON blessed day.

Spirit Walker 2008