Your Mind Your Body.......

Your Mind: exercise Crossword puzzles, scrabble, word games,math, and games console, computer, word search, write a list of words look at it than lay it aside see how many you can recall, match games (match the picture that looks most like the orginal)

Your Body:

Cardiovascular fitness= Aerobic activities that increase your breathing help build up these improtant organs.

Strength building=Physical activity strengthens and tones muscles so they can work longer without tiring. Stronger muscles can lift things more easily.

Flexibility=Building flexibility by stretching muscles helps protect them from strains and keeps them limber. People who are fleximay be better able to perform daily activities such as tying shoes and reaching down to pick up items from the floor.

Bone building=Bones become stronger through "weight-bearing" activities that rely on feet and legs to support the bodies weight. The pull on bones by stronger muscles helps build bone strength.

Energy=Physical activity boosts "feel good" chemicals in the body.

Are you limited? than you can do wheelchair aerobics or bed aerobics; what is that? Just Range of Motion; the natural movements of your body. On the bed you can roll side to side, lift legs up and a wheelchair you can lift your legs as far as you are able, shift from side to side in the wheelchair, both move arms up and down, you can move your feet in a walking motion, and also your hands. Contact your local YMCA or any Physical Therp/business, Water Aerobics are also good for joints.