Tips and Tricks

How do I keep the room clean; where all the equipment is; the hospital bed; how do I keep the smell down for strong odors?

Keep all obstacles from around the bed; excess furniture, throw rugs(they really do throw you). Keep a good space size for walkers, canes, wheelchairs. This helps you with the transfers; getting in bed, out of bed.

Hospital beds are somewhat longer than twin beds, so if you buy any sheets ask for the long twin sheets; or you can use a top sheet, but they donot stay tucked for a lot of transferrs. Do use draw sheets, they can be a flat sheet, folded in half across the center of the bed; this helps in turns, pulling up, keeping the bed clean. If the person has a draining wound on their legs, feet use a draw sheet their to. When I worked in home health care I used this trick. Under the draw sheet, take a extra large leaf trash bag, cut the end out of it, and slip it over the center of the mattress; you can wipe it down, and toss it if it gets to dirty; but always put a draw sheet over it, plastic against skin will cause a whole lot of different problems for the skin.

How do I get rid of that smell? Well now; there are alot of electric room freshners and air spray, but be sure that patient can have that around them, if they have nausea/vomiting it will make it worse. Also some diseases reactions are triggered by smells,purfume. The easiest thing I have found to do is keep a trash bag in the bathroom, and as the day goes on, put the items in there and close it; or if you have access to a washer and dryer, fill the washer with water, and place the items in there, this would be a soak, so you may have to run the load twice. Use colorfast bleach, softners, if they do not have a reaction to these items. Baking soda in the wash water helps. Some of the smell in urine comes from not drinking enough water. But be aware some doctors, donot want patients (heart, and other diseases) drinkly alot of fluid. How do you know; ask the doctor, nurse. If the person has memory loss be careful where you place those bags.

To pull a patient up in bed.....Must be a hospital bed, in proper working order; to pull up at the head of the bed......raise the foot of the bed all the way up, and the head down, make sure it will not make them dizzy or cause nausea. Than place two hands on the draw sheet, one on each side of the patient if possible of two people and pull the draw sheet, not the patient, the patient should move up. Do the reverse to move them down in bed. Return the bed to the normal position.

Gait Belts are a must can purchase them at alot of places now. They help you to lift, and protect the person's joints, skin.