Also when choosing a Church; here is a list of what to look for.............

1. Beliefs; are they shown to you so you can read it.

2. Mission Statement

3. Organization; does this church belong to one? Is it owned by someone else?

Do research on that organization, you may be investing your time, in someone

whom is scamming.

4. They must believe in God; and confess Jesus Christ is Lord. Believe in the Holy

Spirit and teach it?

5. They preach, but do they teach?

6. Do you fill the Holy Spirit there?

7. Do they pray?

8. Are the people friendly, full of kindness, love, joy and yes humor?

9. Are the sermons, teaching ; accurate, from the Bible?

10. Are Bible Studies taught? are they from the Bible?

11. Do they take scripture out of context? Do they preach their own beliefs and not

the beliefs of the Bible? Do they create man made laws? Do they use fear

factors to control, everyone?(Eample, you obey this law, that I made up or


12. Church By-laws; are they scripture accurate?

13. Rules are they scripture accurate?

14. When you need help; even if they don't have resources to help, do they assist

you or treat you like, you don't exist?

15. Does that Church, say;Come just as you are? Because God already knows

what you did; and what you have done; and He will change in you what He

wants changed, or do they say you change this and than you can get saved?

16. Do they teach you how to excel in God; to be the best you can be, even

though, you might become a minister, and bare fruit so much, that it overflows

into the street? Or are they just glad, because you came and they had a part

in Christ teaching you.

17. If they make a , stand, against something; is it done in God's ways, or by sheer


18. When a sermon, is given; do you feel like it was just a big show; or were you

moved; did at least some of the sermons, teach you, did you feel conviction or


19. Missions, do they teach you to help, and allow you to serve in an area you are

interested in, because each person , actually does have a ministry they should

be doing........(child care, cleaning, visiting sick, telephone calls, inviting people

to church, etc.) In these missions, do they encourage you, help you with ideas

to succeed, to be the best you can be in Christ? Are they involved with any

projects in the neighborhood or town?

20. Does the Church bare fruit?

21. Do you feel love there, a burning fire of holiness?Kindness? Caring? Welcome?

22. The alter call, do they explain that fully? It is Jesus'; home, the alter is for;

sin, prayer,needs,praise,worship,love and much more; not just to see you

kneeling, so they can guess you are saved............

23. Do they have Worship and praise?

24. When you ask a question; are you treated like a moron, or do they answer

the question, and if they don't have the answer, do they look it up?

25. If they make a mistake in scripture quotes, do they tell you and correct it?

Don't laugh, sometimes it happens, it can be like a typo, misspelled words,etc.

It is never done intentionally, though.

26.If any person in the church; even people attending makes a mistake, or open sin, how do they

handle it? Do they handle it by Bible standards, God's way or by man made standards?

This is just a small list, it is not meant to offend, anyone. But beware, for Satan himself knows the Bible, and how to be a minister; don't forget he was one of God's Angels and he knows the Bible backwards and forwards. So beware, you may be being taught under a false prophet...............There will be many in the last days........but ; Jesus said;" My sheep will know my voice."