Depression is very real, and sometimes with life changes; losing a loved one; not working on a job; losing independence, having to depend on others, can cause a person to become depressed; or even just lonelyness.

Anxiety, also can become very real. Being afraid of every thing. Fearing family responces to ;you getting older. If you will have enough for the house payment, electric bill, gas, etc.

What do you do? If they have any local activity centers, join one, some offer rides. Volunteer to do some kind of work. If you don't drive, have you thought about being a telephone volunteer for a church; checking on other people to make sure they are ok, telephoning the sick, the Red Cross uses telephone volunteer's, and some hospitals do to. Calling and asking a Pastor whom you can pray for. Join a prayer line and just pray for people.If you drive have you considered being a volunteer at a grade school, many parents and grandparents volunteer and help with teaching kids how to read and other activies. Have you asked any of your friends over for a good old card game. Are you talented? Maybe you could teach a class on art, sewing, woodwork? You think your vision is to bad; and your hands don't work? Many times they just need someone to tell them how; and you use their hands.

Don't feel like eating? Our appetites decrease for some of us; because we don't  require as much because we have a decreased level of activiy, some of it is being lonely; not having to fix supper for 10 kids, change in smell or taste. Invite someone over to eat, alot of service wives would probably jump at the invitation, sometimes they are lonely, maybe you have been through a war with your spouse and you could discuss what you did to pass the time. Adopt a grandchild, there are alot of kids, that don't have anyone, and it is fun, to watch there eyes sparkle, when you make them laugh; but make sure you check out the place you adopt a grandchild from, make sure they have good guide lines and are on the up and up. I hope I have given some good ideas, people over the years have told me how, they did this or that; I am not an expert, just sharing.